natalia szafraniec

(na-ta-lya sha-fra-nyetz)

about me

Apart from having a name that's hard to pronounce, I have experience in front-end development. The day my brothers bought "their" first computer, I became inseparable from the machine. I just enjoy telling computers what to do.

I love dogs and I hang out with a little guy called Demon. I'm that person who stares at the seat in front of them throughout a flight. And so, if I could, I would spend all my time on a beach, doing nothing. I like drawing, and painting, sometimes with code. I enjoy taking care (and photos) of plants. And if I'm ever against posting a meme or a joke on a work Slack, please know I've been taken and replaced.

my Codepen sketches

Here's a selection of prototypes and illustrations I made with code. I enjoy coming up with generative things, playing with SVGs, and animation.

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